About P.V.


Welcome to Presidio Vantage Information Systems.
We offer technical consulting, data services, and software products.
We serve corporations and individuals across a wide variety of industries.

We take our name from our original headquarters
near the Presidio National Park of San Francisco.
Like the iconic park, Presidio Vantage is founded in
respect of the intricate balance between macro and micro.

  • We provide expansive, high-level perspective of your organization's data.
  • We focus exhaustively on the fine-grained details of these data.

We specialize in the data-structures which naturally underpin your systems.
These structures do the heavy-lifting on your data as your system grows.
We use them to reconcile and resolve your macro and micro concerns.

Presidio Vantage promotes broad understanding and deep appreciation of Trees,
information hierarchies which facilitate unbounded, sustainable growth.


Clients engage us for our personal touch and dedication,
rare in the technology industry.

  • We consult with patience and empathy,
    cultivating your comprehension and
    leveraging your capabilities and potential.
  • We render services ambitiously,
    with care and commitment to
    your organization's best interests.
  • Our products emphasize stability, simplicity, and support,
    to empower users rather than burden and confound them.

Our solutions preside over your information systems,
getting ahead of challenges before they arise and
putting you in complete control over your data and technology.


Our products and services always prioritize sustainability of your operations.
We design and consult with emphasis on:

High Quality and Efficient Value
Consistent Solutions with Complete Scope
Improving Durability while Increasing Scale
Increasing Transparency while Managing Complexity
Above all we provide clients with transparent, comprehensible interfaces coupled with thorough, confident understanding of their underlying technologies. We blend rigorous research, comprehensive advisory, and careful implementation. Our clients' comfort and assurance are paramount in the design and production of high-quality systems with beneficial value to your organization.


Whether you are looking for a needle in a haystack,
or you need a bird's eye view of your business and its context,
partner with us to manage your information systems and clarify your vision.

If you wish to see the forest but are inhibited by the trees,
Presidio Vantage is here to help you expand technologically.

Please reach out to us for an introduction and complimentary assessment
of your needs and compatibility with our capabilities.


We offer products, services, and consulting to numerous industries,

  • Finance and Accounting
  • Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, Reporting and Dashboards
  • Communications, Integration, and Interface/Interaction
  • Healthcare and Human Resources
  • Regulatory Coding and Compliance
  • Operations and Administration
  • Content Management Systems
  • Business Process Management Systems

We create and manage solutions in all tiers of the software-application stack, including:

  • server-side architecture and software development
    (principally Java technologies)
  • client-side scripting and user-interaction design
    (principally Web and Spreadsheet technologies)
  • data structures, system modeling, interface, and integration
    (principally RDBMS, XML, and Mathematical technologies)

A small sample of our products is available here:
Open Source Examples


I am an Information Systems Architect and Technology Consultant.
I have spent the past two decades designing, implementing, and maintaining
software and data systems for large enterprises, small offices, and individuals.

To provide the greatest depth of expertise across the greatest breadth of domains,
I collaborate with an informal consortium of
independent professionals in various fields.

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See the forest.