Presidio Vantage provides focused technological training in various fields.

  • Mathematics and Data Analytics
  • Programming (in Language of student's choice)
  • Office Productivity Suites (e.g. Google Workspace®, Microsoft Office®, etc.)
  • Technical Proficiency (e.g. office computer mastery, cloud and mobile device integration, communications, basic security and privacy, etc.)

We take a holistic approach to solving the student's greatest difficulties.

The Language of Information

Presidio Vantage develops and teaches educational curricula in
a flexible collection of coursework called "The Language of Information."
It is a linguistic approach to understanding and controlling software.
This covers practical applications in Mathematics and Computer-Science,
but from the perspective of Language, and its expression/comprehension.
These classes are suitable for students of all ages.

The student chooses a branch to learn: either Spreadsheets or Web Sites.
This approach can be applied to most programming environments,
but we focus on Spreadsheets and Web Sites because
they are self-contained, widely-used, and well-supported.

Spreadsheets Web Part Power Tier
0 Intro. to the Power of Language
1 Mechanics HTML Noun Declarative Model
2 Formulas CSS Adjective Functional View
3 Automation JavaScript Verb Imperative Controller

For some additional details about the spreadsheet curriculum, see:
Spreadsheet Education


We consider most of our products to be (at least somewhat) educational.
A small sample is available here:
Open Source Examples

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