In the business of scientific and technical consulting, Presidio Vantage evaluates, recommends, and provides various products to clients. This page is a small sample of products we consider particularly high quality, and we recommend them without reservation to serve their respective purposes.

This page contains paid advertising links.
We only link to products we strongly recommend.
Whenever possible, we urge you to purchase these goods from small businesses and local providers.

Healthcare Literature

We have considerable expertise in the field of Content Management Systems,
and we have extensive experience integrating with publishing engines.
Presidio Vantage was honored to help publish this groundbreaking book,
authored by an esteemed medical expert in the field:

This book addresses a difficult class of problems ailing many patients,
unfortunately, often overlooked in their healthcare.
It is a comprehensive study, and provides many technical details,
but a lot of the content is approachable to lay-people.

We recommend purchasing the book from IC Network,
an excellent resource for pelvic pain:
Breaking Through Chronic Pelvic Pain

It is also available (including as an e-book) on Amazon:
Breaking Through Chronic Pelvic Pain


Presidio Vantage specializes in interfaces between systems.
Effective communication is paramount for entities to inter-operate.

Mary Munter's excellent book is a comprehensive yet concise authority on human interaction. This is an essential read for anyone who shares information or makes informative products:
Guide to Managerial Communication


We highly recommend Fenix LED products.
In particular, we suggest our clients always keep a headlamp handy.
Our favorite everyday-use headlamp is available at Amazon:
Fenix HM50R


Presidio Vantage has substantial experience with XML and related technologies.
We unequivocally prefer and recommend Saxonica's products:

Saxonica's founder, Dr. Michael Kay, is an authoritative expert in this field.
His lucid explanations are a tremendous resource to XML-adjacent developers.


We take healthcare seriously, and we prioritize healthy interfaces.

We recommend Kinesis for ergonomic computer peripherals.
Provided the user's frame is compatible with this model,
we have had great results their "Advantage 2" keyboard:
Kinesis Advantage 2
It is available on Amazon here:
Kinesis Advantage 2 Keyboard

Docking Stations

We recommend computing with a generous helping of monitor real estate.
Even laptops can drive a spacious desk-top setup with the help of docking stations.

For heavy-duty, enterprise docking, we recommend the Dell D3100:
Dell D3100 Docking Station
It is available on Amazon here:
Dell D3100 Docking Station

For lightweight mobile docking on the go, we recommend UtechSmart:
UtechSmart USB C Hub

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