Presidio Vantage specializes in Spreadsheet facilities
across diverse industries and technical layers.
We employ Spreadsheets to bring structure to chaotic data,
to apply business logic, to manage business processes,
and to interface between systems and users.

In the trade-off between ease-of-use and power of a User Interface,
Spreadsheets offer a unique advantage, a rare balance of:

  • intuitive usability
  • powerful complexity
  • an elegant interface between the two

The results cater to the abilities of individual users
across across a spectrum of proficiencies,
bridging the gap between basic analysis and technical engineering.
Spreadsheets provide:

  • transparent access to all data,
    for advanced users who use their own analytic platforms;
  • enhanced analytic utilities,
    for basic users to process and incorporate otherwise unintelligible data;
  • seamless integration between basic and advanced components,
    facilitating the combination of diverse of user strengths.


We work with all data, regardless of its format,
but we specialize in Microsoft Excel® files and Google Sheets® in the cloud.


Presidio Vantage provides both general and individualized products,
including models, automations, and frameworks.
Our frameworks drive integration of spreadsheet data,
in particular between users, sources, and tools.
We also build specialized plugins and automations for use in various fields.

A small sample of our spreadsheet products is available here:
Open Source Examples


We offer courses to individuals and groups,
catered to the proficiency and goals of each student.

  • 101: Basic Spreadsheet Mechanics
  • 102: Basic Spreadsheet Formulas and Data Model
  • 103: Basic Spreadsheet Best Practices
  • 201: Advanced Spreadsheet Mechanics
  • 202: Advanced Spreadsheet Formulas and Data Model
  • 203: Advanced Spreadsheet Best Practices
  • 110: Basic Spreadsheet Automation
  • 210: Advanced Spreadsheet Automation

For an overview of our educational approach, see:
The Language of Information


Presidio Vantage provides certification of individuals and organizations
based on proficiency in spreadsheet design and technique.

  1. Spreadsheet Manager (Information Systems Design)
  2. Spreadsheet Developer (Information Systems Engineering)
  3. Spreadsheet Custodian (Information Systems Architecture)
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